Following updated guidance from Her Majesty’s Government, from 15th June 2020 we will be re-opening for your podiatry needs. We have been very careful so to protect your health and well-being plus that of your household.
If you or anyone in your household is displaying COVID-19 symptoms (fever and a new continuous cough), no appointment can be offered for a minimum of 14 days.
If you are in a vulnerable group or have been contacted by the Government as one who should self-isolate for a minimum period of 12 weeks, then  please wait until your G.P gives you the green light.
We at LFS balance the risk to your health and wellbeing of no podiatry treatment against the potential of contracting COVID19. We assess your podiatry needs via a telephone consultation; running through screening questions relating to your general health, potential infection/symptoms of COVID-19 and current foot problems.
Then we make the necessary considerations, that relates to safe working practices;  working environment and personal protective equipment (PPE). We work in conjunction with advice given to us from Public Health England,
 the NHS, College of Podiatry, the Chief Medical Officer and HCPC.

To minimise the spreading we......

Pre-screening of all patients over the phone to ascertain whether attending to them is safe, is necseessry and is possible.
We treat a reduced number of patients now to allow for more time inbetween patients to do PPE related tasks like gowning up, disposal and decontamination of patient contact items.
We minimising the time spent with patients WITHOUT affecting quality of care. This might include completing the patient's record card after leaving their company or not socially conversing too much. We try to reduce prolonged exposure of one another to reduce the risk of disease transmission.
Providing treatments in an outdoor environment where possible, practical, appropriate and agreeable.
We employe the strictest infection control practices and have adequate PPE.
We try to take payment over the telephone.
Wearing a face shield/visor at all times during the consultation (these can be thoroughly disinfected between patients).
Full-length sleeved gowns are worn plus regular aprons on top too.
While it is not possible to fully socially distance during a treatment, we are fortunate to work at the distal end of the body and are typically over a metre away from the upper body. This makes the risk of transmission relatively low in comparison to other health and care professionals like dentists.