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  • Have you spent lots of money on insoles or orthotics which have not helped you, or have they made your problem worse?

  • Have you been told that foot surgery is the answer?

  • Are you dependant on painkillers, to get through the day?

  • Are you worried that you may not get rid of your pain or be unable to return to doing things you used to do?


We offer a free telephone consultation with one of our podiatrists if you are unsure in any way if we can help you, between 8.30 - 9.00 only. Please do not leave a voice mail. Emails will be answered within 48 hours

Your feet are alone on that long and sometimes painful journey they call life, we keep you going, so you can cover the distance and obtain your goals successfully.


We can liberate you from pain and the frustration of finding help.

We are a mobile podiatry clinic that come to you. Your life does not have to slow down or stop, just because of foot pain.

You deserve Healthy and Active feet. We can help you with all you Podiatry needs.

All our podiatrists are university qualified in Podiatric Medicine.

A podiatrist is a medical professional devoted to the treatment and care of the lower limb.

We diagnose, treat and care for a wide range of conditions from simple corns and calluses to diabetic ulcers. Nail cutting, biomechanical assessments, custom orthotics, nail surgery, medical pedicures, verruca and fungal nail treatments, children’s feet and corporate podiatry wellbeing days.

We have a dedicated team of NHS qualified professionals who can advise and treat most podiatry complaints in the comfort of your own home. 

We have been established for over 20 years and in that short time have expanded our knowledge and skills, to offer the best to you.

We are all HCPC Registered and qualified to administer Local Anaesthesia. 

In London only we also offer individual eyelash extensions. This popular treatment  can offer a subtle and natural style, or be built up to provide glamorous, volume lashes in just 30 minutes. You can transform your eyelashes in your lunch break!  A transformation from ordinary to extraordinary, eliminating the need for mascara, taking years off the appearance of tired eyes.

Amanda has collected hundreds of pairs of shoes and distributed them freely in the UK and abroad. The elderly who are alone, the homeless and children of those in need.

Amanda now needs your help to continue this work. Donate to help us beat footwear poverty.

From a baby taking their first steps barefoot, to  their confidence growing and their gait becoming more advanced. Feet need to be protected, kept safe and healthy.  Not only for correct foot development but also for efficient and effective foot function in adulthood.  With good foot function, one can use their feet and legs to be hardworking and productive humans. In poorer households or communities this can mean the difference between  life and death. This can mean putting a meal on the table or children going to bed hungry. and o there are leaves to be kicked up and puddles to splash in. And so, to their first pair of shoes. 

Your donations mean we can continue funding shoes to these communities. 

Amanda does research, one of which is in Diabetes and how poor fitting footwear, leads to risk factors that then leads to lower limb amputations if not corrected.

Amanda uses plants, honey, tinctures and oils to make soaps, creams and lotions to aid in healing foot conditions, so barefoot or those wearing ill-fitting shoes, children or adults who are extremely vulnerable to infection by parasites, such as hookworm. While walking to school or working on the land/farms.  The injuries that occur to the feet, ankles or legs, that leads to ulcers, wounds, or deep tissue/bone injuries can be treated. 

Please help us, donate your old shoes, sandals, trainers, slippers, socks and tights. 

We greatly appreciate your donation and thank you form all our happy soles.

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Please note we require a minimum of 24 hours notice for all cancellations by email so that we can allocate the time to someone else.

As with other practices we very much regret that we have to apply a late cancellation or missed appointment charge to cover staff and overhead costs. We trust you will understand our policy and thank you for your cooperation.

All new patients, a deposit is required for the first appointment.