Perfect Feet


In Aberdeen, Central London or Worthing, Choosing the right  home visiting Podiatrist or Chiropodist for you, is very important. You need the right service and care for your precious feet.  ​

We ( 

understand foot problems and we care and maintain them as if they were ours. 

We come and do home visits to your home or work.

We treat skin problems, corns and hard skin.

Viral complaints, verrucae and  plantar warts.

Fungal disorders of the nails and feet.

Thickened and pathological nails.

Ingrown nails and bacterial infected nails.

Cracked and painful heels.

We also treat 


O/A and R/A,

Neurological conditions,

Podopaediatrics and Pregnancy,

Biomechanics, Sports injuries and Insoles, arch supports and Orthotics.

Toe pain, heel pain, foot pain, knee pain, leg pain and lower back pain 

We offer Acupuncture and Reflexology.

Call us between 8.30 am to 9.00am for a quick telephone consultation on your foot health.


We know it is a worrying time for all our patients. 

We need to keep doing what the Scientists are telling us to do.

In all the regions, England | Scotland | Wales | Northern Ireland.

We must all help to stop coronavirus spreading:-

During these difficult times, You do not need to suffer foot pain alone. We are still here for You.  Email us for a free podiatry or chiropody advise. 

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  • Your first choice in experts who treat problems which affect the feet.

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    40 British pounds
Reflexology Therapy


We accept nearly all major  podiatry insurance plans.  

Invest in your feet and have peace of mind knowing you are covered and protected during foot illness and injury which happens from time to time. If the worst should happen, would you be happy to wait for NHS treatment? Or would you want a faster, affordable,  healthcare option, that gives you relief from pain and discomfort  in the comfort of your home?

Contact us today for advice. 

Mobile Services .


We are  podiatrists and chiropodists who do house calls, home visits. Remember days of gone when you were not feeling quite yourself you would send for a physician to assist you in the comfort of your home.


We are the Foot Specialists who come to you, at home or work to get you back on your feet.

We offer an unhurried professional services for the elderly and physically challenged who have difficulty going to clinic. And those who are too busy to take time out of their busy schedules. 

All at an affordable and fair price.

What makes us different?

We are experienced foot health practitioners , chiropodists and podiatrists who can visit hospitals, nursing homes, day centres or sheltered accommodation for toenail cutting, corn and callous removal and treatment of dry skin to mention a few conditions.

We will bring all the equipment we need with us on the day.

We use single use disposable instruments or instruments that are autoclaved.  We use single use blades, sanding discs and gloves. We protect the floor around where we are working and we take all our waste away with us.


For busy working people we can also come to your place of work.  

Corporate podiatry

Patients like to have podiatry or  chiropody  treatments while at work.

Patients do not like to take time out of their busy and hectic day to rush around, sometimes before or after work, just to fit in their regular podiatry appointments. 

More and more businesses are introducing wellbeing programs for their staff. That is why we developed The Corporate Podiatry package where we offer on-site podiatry visits to your team.

We can also offer a pamper day with Reflexology too.


Aberdeen/Worthing/London Foot Specialist 

Offering a complete and effective foot health, chiropody and podiatry at home service.